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11/23/2022 10:59:02 PM +00:00

Websites created on DoorLoop's system will be mobile responsive and allow rental property managers and owners to create a dynamic web presence that assists prospective tenants in viewing available units, completing applications and submitting background check data.

11/23/2022 8:46:49 PM +00:00

Frederick Townes, formerly chief product officer for Ready Education, joined Remine in April and came to the company following struggles over a string of controversies and public stumbles.

11/23/2022 8:41:17 PM +00:00

The luxury structure with diamond-shaped spires will include lavish amenities, such as a concierge team that provides bodyguard, daycare, chauffeur and private chef services.

11/23/2022 8:16:58 PM +00:00

Economists forecast mortgage rates will continue to fall as Federal Reserve minutes suggest policymakers are preparing to wind down an aggressive campaign to fight inflation.

11/23/2022 6:23:28 PM +00:00

Inman's 2022 Black Friday picks for real estate agents, brokers, clients and everyone else in their sphere is jam-packed with cutting-edge tech, home goods and so much more.

11/23/2022 3:27:48 PM +00:00

Sales of newly built homes climbed 7.5 percent between September and October to a seasonally adjusted rate of 632,000, according to data released Wednesday from the United States Census Bureau.

11/23/2022 2:19:24 PM +00:00

With ICE's acquisition of Black Knight pending, title insurer exercises right to buy back title search and order management solution.

11/23/2022 10:00:34 AM +00:00

This week, we're asking what you see as the most critical training that real estate agents need to pursue right now.

11/23/2022 10:00:17 AM +00:00

Zillow Senior Director of Broker Operations Matt Hendricks said the portal petitioned NAR to stop allowing MLSs to ban brokers from displaying MLS listings with non-MLS listings online.

11/23/2022 9:24:59 AM +00:00

In this month's Agent/Broker Perspective: A broker tries to hang onto his new agents who are discouraged by the tough market as well as a top producer who's showing signs of resentment.

11/23/2022 9:00:27 AM +00:00

As interest rates rise and the market shifts, some contract terms have become irrelevant, at least for the time being. Here’s what's hot and what’s not when negotiating offers today.

11/22/2022 10:55:31 PM +00:00

Ocusell's software uses a centralized hub model. It empowers brokerages and agents to create listing profiles using an intuitive, modernized content management system.

11/22/2022 10:12:48 PM +00:00

Lawmakers in both chambers of Congress have accused RealPage of anticompetitive practices. Calls for an inquiry come a month after a sweeping and critical report into the company.

11/22/2022 9:07:44 PM +00:00

Led by team leader Jake Lipton, a team of 14 agents, who represented $51 million in sales volume in 2021, will move over to the Wilmington, Delaware, office of Coldwell Banker.

11/22/2022 7:44:04 PM +00:00

Long River Ranch spans 1,025 acres in Arcadia. Edward Lowe and his wife, Darlene Lowe, kept part-time residence there while maintaining a residence in their home state of Michigan.

11/22/2022 7:03:43 PM +00:00

Looking for something special to do before the last of fall has passed you by? Check out these fall event marketing ideas from Stacey Soleil.

11/22/2022 7:03:30 PM +00:00

This year's market may leave you feeling a little bittersweet about finding something to be thankful for. Trainer Rachael Hite outlines seven things agents can be grateful for, (even in a downturn).

11/22/2022 6:54:01 PM +00:00

The slowdown was most dramatic in COVID boomtowns like Las Vegas and Phoenix, according to a new analysis released Tuesday by Redfin, which examined real estate investment activity in 40 metros.